Alexander the Great in Porus series
Here is a photo from the Porus series, an addition to my original post which I was forced to post anonymously as the site would not log me in for some reason.


"The indian actor is so far the only actor who is fit to incarnate Alexander.Everynight i wait for see him , and everynight i admire him. I dont epress here my opinion for the aesthetic of the serial , the scenario , the historical accuracy , the other actors etc .HE IS PERFECT AS ALEXANDER .DIVINE
ps Sorry for my english.
No need to have subtitles( i have not eveytime) just SEE HIM. His look .. his smile ... his body..i repeat he is the more suitable Alexander in the whole story of the cinema , television ,theater SO FAR"

Of Course everyone is entitled to their opinion I just find him amazing.

Best to all


Happy Birthday, may your dreams come true Delos!!!

Roxane by Helene Moreau
Hi again

As I have already mentioned in previous post (which i now can't find) I had ordered from Amazon a book that I had misplaced 20 years ago. The book arrived used already, somehting that Amazon did not allow for EU countries in the past, but in good condition. It costed 1,95 dollars but I paid 19 Euros!

It was worth it thougn because it brought back innumerable memories from my student years via its pages. Despite its rather bad in taste cover, as well as the fact that the text itself has (mainly in the erotic scenes) has a quality from small erotic novels- arlekins of the time, the writer manages in some way to tell the story of the enormous struggle which Roxane supposedly mjade in order to secure the throne for her son.

The outcome however is not that good as the writer remains dogmatically descriptive and her way of analysing the personalities of her characters rather narrow.

I am sending to you attached thecover and back as well as 2 pages from the text



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Happy birthday Selket-Lysis !

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Hi all

I wanted to tell you about a book I recently read, the novel called "The Macedonian" of Nicolas Guild. The book is in english nevertheless I could not find it on so I read it in greek. It is a realistic and very nicely depicted story of Phllip's younger years as well as his route towards the throne.

Since I found it really interesting I thought I should reccommend it to you all.



More on Lykeion - Info stand material on location.
Here is some more info on the Lykeion right from the archaelogical site stands. Indeed it is a monumental space in time!



The Unwithering Rose

I know this is an out of topic deal but this artifact comes from the Byzantine Museum of Athens and its an icon with the Virgin called "The Unwithering Rose", one of the elder icons depicting the specific iconographic type. Painted by Balasios from Asia Minor in 1738.

I dedicate this to all the friends of alexandersarmy and especially to kizzykat on whose garden such beautiful roses bloom.

A candle for Alexander
It is forbidden to light candles in an archaelogical site so I was limited to just the photograph on the place were Aristotle taught for many decades. Indeed, a few years ago, in Athens centre, the remains of the famed Lykeion in which the ancient philosopher held his classes were found. The site included a palaistra as well for the youths to compete in sports.

The identification of the place in question is unqustionably correct.DSC04550

Best to all


Hi all

It's common knowledge that one of Alexander's pet dogs was called Peritas (but I do not remember the source for this). There is a late epigraph, on the 5th verse of which the name is mentioned (which by the way is a name for a person not a pet) along with a commentary that states that the name itself is found (and rarely at that) only in Macedonia. In addtion, the fourth month of the Macedonian calendar is called Περιτιος (Peritios - mid January to mid February). Etimologically it means "giving great honor".

Therefore we can naively reach some seperate conclusions: 1) Alexander named his dog after the man who gave it to him. 2) Alexander named his dog after the month of its birth or the month that it was given to him. 3) In any case, the dog was given a great honor by the King- apart from being the dog of the most powerful man of its time.

Here is the link ... sort=3&o=1

It goes without saying that this was not a proper scientific approach to the artifact. I only wanted to share my thoughts and smiles casually.



Missing story!!!
Dear all

It would be very nice if one of you could answer a
question I am having: locating in the web a certain fanfiction site I
have been searching for quite some time. Its title is "Philip' sons" or
the "The sons of Philip" or something like that. Unfortunately the exact
name escapes me and thus the search engines fail to provide me with an
equal result. The story goes as folows: During the mourning Alexander
did about the death of Hephaestion his half brother (Alexander's half
brother), Arrideos enters Alexander's room and tries in his own way to
console him.

The strory was very well written and It would be
great If I had the chance to read it again. Please tell me if anyone out
there has also seen that one!

Best wishes to all!


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